watercolor palette and sketchbook


What is your return

Since each item is custom printed, no returns are accepted. 

Please make sure you've ordered the correct size. Size charts can be found on every item (where applicable).


How do I sign my child up to be a Buy Kid Art artist?

Visit our Join page for the next steps! 

Do the artists retain rights to their work?

Yes, Buy Kid Art artists always maintain ownership of their work. 

However, Buy Kid Art reserves the right to use artist's work to promote the specific artist or the Buy Kid Art website on all forms of media and advertising.

How much do Buy Kid Art artists earn?

All artists earn 40% of the profit of the item sold.

Profit is the amount left over AFTER the expenses involved in printing the item. 

How are Buy Kid Art artists paid?

Artists are paid once a month.

All payments are sent via Paypal to the email addressed used when registering, and artists will receive a monthly report detailing their sales.

How much does a Buy Kid Art membership cost?

During pre-launch September 1 - October 15, yearly membership is $15 (all artists in an immediate family are covered) for the first 25 artists who join.

After that the yearly membership will be $25/year per family (all artists in an immediate family are covered).

How many kid artists does the membership cover?

ALL kid artists in the immediate family are covered under the single membership. 

What kind of art is allowed on the Buy Kid Art website?

Only original work is allowed.

Due to copyright infringement issues, we can't allow art depicting protected characters or art inspired by protected characters. 

This means that although your child may love to draw Pokemon or My Little Pony, that art isn't a good fit for the Buy Kid Art site because those are copyrighted characters.

Part of the submission process involves a review process to ensure the submitted art doesn't violate copyrighted work.

My Art Kid is a painter - is there a way to photograph their art so they can sell on Buy Kid Art?

Yes! Here is a great explanation of how to do that.

What happens to an artist's work if they end their membership?

When a Buy Kid Art membership ends, the artist's page and all products are removed from the website. 

Once an artist is done being a Buy Kid Art artist, their work WILL NOT be sold on the site (Buy Kid Art artists always retain ownership of their work).

Their work MAY appear in social media, blog posts, and other Buy Kid Art promotions.

Who can participate in Buy Kid Art?

Buy Kid Art is designed to promote the work of artists under 18, so any artist 0-18 is welcome to participate. 

Why aren't real names or photos of the artists used on the Buy Kid Art website? 

We take a child's privacy seriously.

No real names or photos of the artists are allowed on the website.

Does my child need to pay taxes on money received from Buy Kid Art? 

Yes. Income received is taxable. You can learn more about it here. https://www.irs.gov/publications/p929