Join Buy Kid Art

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We're so excited you're interested in becoming a Buy Kid Art artist!

What artists (and parents) need to know:

  • Buy Kid Art is membership based. Membership is $25/year for all kid artists in the immediate family. 

  • Each artist receives their own page on the website that displays their art and products. 
  • Artists can also share their social media links (if they have them).

  • To protect privacy, no real names or photos of kid artists are allowed on the website.

To give you support and resources, we have a Buy Kid Art community group on Facebook just for artists over 13 (to comply with Facebook rules) and their parents. 

This is a great place to share art resources, get ideas for supporting kid artists, and connect with others.

The following items are currently available for all Buy Kid Art artists.

Artists earn 40% of the profit of items sold.

Profit means what is left over after items are purchased and printed and processing fees/taxes are covered.

The rough estimates of what artists make are detailed below. 

Exact numbers may change slightly based on order size (which impacts processing fees) and where the product is shipped (some states have higher taxes than others).

We use a percentage of profit instead of a flat amount per product sold to be as generous to the artists as possible. 

Kid Hoodie - artist makes about $6.20 per item sold
Adult Hoodie - artist makes about $7 per item sold

Kid t-shirt - artist makes about $4.50 per item sold
Adult t-shirt - artist makes about  $6.30 per item sold

11 ounce mug - artist makes about $2.80 per item sold

15 ounce mug - artist makes about $2.40 per item sold

3 x 3 sticker - artist makes about fifty cents per item sold

4 x 4 sticker - artist makes about eighty cents per item sold

5.5 x 5.5 sticker -  artist makes about $1.30 per item sold

Canvas tote - artist makes about  $3.15 per item sold

Ready to become a Buy Kid Art artist?

Complete the application form and we'll contact you within 24-48 hours.

Once your application is accepted, you'll receive an email with the link to join.

Membership is $25 per year and covers all kids in the immediate family. (If you are one of our first 25 artists, you'll pay just $15/year for as long as you are a member).

After payment has been received, it takes 3-5 days to create your page and put your art online! We'll email you as soon as your page is ready!